Montegrappa Pen Bugatti Pur Sang Fountain Pen Medium Bugatti Blue ISBDN3AB

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Bugatti Blue Resin Case

Rhodium Trim and Clip

18k Gold Medium Sized Nib

15cm in Length - 15mm in Diameter

75g in Weight

Limited Edition of 999 pieces

Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone fountain pen features an 18k gold nib is fitted, also engraved with the “Dynamic Quilting” pattern and featuring the famous Bugatti logo. The oval logo, known as “macaron” in French, also appears in full colour on the top of the cap of every pen, while the shape of the Veyron’s headlights inspired the engraving around the cap ring.

All Bugatti Pur Sang Duotone pens are packaged in specially-designed boxes with the Bugatti badge’s oval cross-section. The lid’s inner surface features the “Dynamic Quilting” pattern, while the outer case suggests carbon fibre, as used extensively in the Veyron. 

The Bugatti writing instruments are produced in limited editions of only 999 units of each type and are packaged in especially designed oval boxes to recall the marque's logo.

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