Montegrappa Pen Icons Elvis Presley Fountain Pen Fine Tip Aqua ISICE2SA

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Blue Resin Case

Sterling Silver Trim and Clip

18k Gold Fine Sized Nib

Cartridge Filling

14cm in Length - 13.8mm in Diameter

52g in Weight

Made in Italy

Montegrappa celebrates the life of the universally-admired performer with its Icons Tribute To Elvis Presley, licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, in honour of the man who transformed popular music at the midpoint of the 20th century and became one of the most important figures in the history of recorded music.

Aqua represents the 1950s, a hue that would have been found on two-tone automobiles and early electric guitars. The pocket clip recalls a period jukebox. As 1956 was the year that Elvis hit the big time, the edition consists of 500 fountain pens, 500 roller balls and 956 ballpoint pens. The gold edition comprises seven of each type fountain pen, roller ball and ballpoint equalling 21, his age in 1956.