Swarovski Dark Crystal Necklace Two Piece Exclusive Collection 5142827


Swarovski exclusive collection- Dark Large Statement crystal Necklace
Swarovski Purple and Lila crystals
Swarovski Crystal statement necklace
Two necklaces in one

Rhodium and Ruthenium plated 

The shorter torque necklace is in black PVD and the longer necklace is in mixed rhodium and ruthenium plating. 

Wearing them together, you will create a stunning statement piece. Give your outfits a Dramatic finish with this breath taking crystal necklace from Swarovski.
Expertly crafted with a range of Swarovski crystal, in a beautiful variety of colours and cuts that sparkle with a glamorous allure. This necklace glitters with Swarovski's exclusive colourful crystals.
This Swarovski statement necklace is a stunning piece of jewellery designed to delight and amaze.
This exquisite necklace has a glamorous sense of style and is sure to make a welcome addition to any jewellery collection.


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