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Visconti Extase d'Oud Fountain/Rollerball Pen Gold Limited Edition 68123PD

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Black Resin Case with a Gold Iridescent Effect

Fountain Pen - 24kt 950 Palladium Medium Sized Nib in Gold with Visconti Firenze Imprinted on the Body

Fountain Writing System with Piston Filler

Rollerball Pen - Palladium Tip with Black AA38 Dreamtouch Filler

16cm in Length - 15mm in Diameter

Vermeil (Gold Plated 925 Silver) Clip, Centre Band and Tip

The head of the clip works as a container to put a fragment of Agarwood - The lower part of the pen can be used as a place to put some perfume

Finial Decorated with Visconti Logo and Text

55g in Weight

Limited Edition of 388 Pieces

Made in Italy

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