New Season, New Styles From Bernhard Willhelm for Men and Women Sunglasses

New Season, New Styles From Bernhard Willhelm for Men and Women Sunglasses - Watches & Crystals

Sunglasses are a must-have, whether you are at a pool party with friends, or walking down the lane to the grocery store. Luxury sunglasses are changing the way we see the world.

They are the new style statement that everyone likes to own. However, sometimes it’s hard to find the best suitable sunglasses in the vast market.

Now you can simply replace your ordinary-looking shades with the all-new“Masked sunglasses” by Bernhard Willhelm and instantly add a style and persona to your personality!

Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses come in various designs, shapes and size to impress all. They are a blend of casual, chic and very astute designs.

The “Sunglasses Mask” by Bernhard Willhelm is a revolutionary product that brings anextra shielding layer. It was created by the one and only Bernhard Willhelm, the founder and creator of this famous luxury brand.

What Makes Bernhard Willhelm Designs Unique?

Bernhard Willhelm- the founder of Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses is a Los Angeles based German fashion designer, who has worked the runway with the likes of Alexander McQueen.

Bernhard Willhelm, born in 1972, is a high-on-another-level in the fashion industry, having studied fashion from the Royal Academy of Arts, and having previously served as head of the fashion department at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

The Bernhard Willhelm sunglasses design, a display of the unconventional approaches and seasoned styles typical of the German designer, a new creative high, complete with mask and nylon lenses, and brought to you as a part of an exclusive collaboration with Linda Farrow –an introduction might not be necessary here - are revolutionary in the sense that they not only come with temple cover to give you that extra shieldover the temple to prevent that guilt of the big fat nose for the conscious ones, but they also combine the revolutionary new nylon lenses.

For amateurs in fashion, a small know-all on Linda Farrow would be a prerequisite to buying a product from their exclusive collaboration with a designer of the fame of Bernhard Willhelm.

Linda Farrow, a fashion brand of repute specializing in eyewear, was founded in 1970 and is recognized for its sunglasses and its classic yet modern, timeless designs.

They are a favourite among Hollywood celebs and often find themselves featured on the cover of Vogue.

Farrow’s recently launched gold-frameline of classic sunglasses made headlines and rose high on controversy as people gaped at the price tags of the sleek designs.

A white-gold/platinum line was also released by the brand, which was more affordable, but nothing could beat a masked sunglass launched in collaboration with the one and only Bernhard Willhelm.

Coming back to the design and build of these timeless classics, nylon lenses give you all that little extra security as well as style, as they include the benefits of both polycarbonate and CR -39 lenses, besides being light-weight, so you can wear all the shade without having to feel like you are wearing anything at all.

The glasses are also shock-resistant, and even a plugged-in drill would not get through to them!

The frame and mask are given a sturdy design with their acetate build and come in sleek and stylish designs with a personalized watermark of the two brands.The Bernhard Willhelmmen and Bernhard Willhelm women collection is absolutely adorable and classy.

Bernhard Willhelm London –A Commonplace for Men & Women

The sunglasses, which can be sported by both men and women alike, even come in a whole new range of colours, including graduated blue, black & blue, and black and grey.

What’s more is, they deliver to your doorstep so you don’t have to step out to get that little gift for your special ones, on top of which they also ship worldwide for free!!

If this does not make you buy these trending shades, we have got you covered with another extra special reason. The site is now offering a 66% discount – 66!! –on the newest from Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask, and you can pay out in three easy and comfortable instalments.

Have a Look at the Newest from the Bernhard Willhelm X Linda Farrow Collaboration!

1. Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask, Black &Grey

Because black and its shades never go out of fashion, do they?

Price: £110 incl. of UK VAT Tax

  • The sunglassescome with an extended temple cover and are made of acetate.

  • The frame is black.

  • The extended temple cover is grey.

  • The lenses are made of Nylon. They have the combined benefits of a polycarbonate and a CR -39 lens.

  • Lenses are shock-resistant and do not crack even if drilled.

  • Lenses have a clear tintcolour.

  • Size – 60-22-120

Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask, Black &Grey

 2. Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask, Blue

  Price: £110 incl. of UK VAT Tax

  • Frame/Temple colour – Blue

  • Nylon clear tint lenses – Blue, graduated

  • Frame material – Acetate

  • Lens material – Nylon. Sturdy and shock resistant, better and more durable than polycarbonate or CR-39 lenses.

  • Lens colour – blue

  • Size – 60-22-120

Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask, Blue

 3. Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask,Black &Blue

A specially curated blend of boldly monotonous and brightly bold – Black & Blue Sunglasses Mask!

Price: £110 incl. if UK VAT Tax

  • Frame/temple colour– Black, blue

  • Frame material - Acetate

  • Lenses colour–Blue, graduated

  • Lens material – Nylon, a sturdy and durable material, and chemically inert to the eyes for extra comfort.

  • Size – 60-22-120

Bernhard Willhelm Sunglasses Mask,Black &Blue

The statement-making masked sunglasses combined with nylon lenses are perfect for your average summer stroll or a special winter evening date. Bernhard Willhelm sale is live on Watches and crystals.

The perfect time to buy is now, because where else would you get a shade from the Willhelm X Farrow collaboration line of sunglasses at a 66% discount, with all taxes and shipping charges covered.


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