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When it comes to style and fashion accessories, women don't want to comprise. They always prefer to match every accessory with their attire.

So, her style can be a statement. Watches are among one such supplement which adds something extra to the style statement of any woman.

There are some watch brands that every woman desire to have in their watch collection. Some brands like Meccaniche, Giorgio Fedon Watches, Bomberg watches are some among these watch brands.

But not everyone can afford them because of their high price range. Suppose your favorite watch brands can be available between £500 to £1000, can you imagine? This article will inform you about the best watches brand within £500 to £1000. 

Let’s begin:

1) Meccaniche

Meccaniche has a different collection of watches that ranges between £500 to £1000. Let's find them:

(a) Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 Diver Jubilee Bracelet

 Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide 4.0 Diver Jubilee Bracelet

This fashionable watch can enhance your look just like the way you want. The green-colored 42mm * 14mm 316L dial, beautiful design at the back, is a combination of tradition and style.

This watch is made in leading Swiss technology, has the best quality hands and hour, minute, the second marker.

The quality of this watch is supreme, and the chains will give you the bracelet's effect. The users of this watch are delighted with the quality and look.

Another model of this section ofMeccaniche has an effect of a deep satin finish. It is red, and the dial is movable. The movement of hands is automatic and self-winding.

It is waterproof, and top-quality crystals are used for its' crafting. Apart from being fashionable, it is traditional and innovative.

Every part is manufactured with special attention and care, and the backside contains some famous legendary stories. It is another high acclaimed bracelet watch form.

(b) Meccaniche Arsenale Cromo Oliva

It is one of the unique collections manufactured by the company. This also produces in restricted numbers. 45 mm* 14.5 mm steel made body, with Oliva dial these watches can't be purchased anywhere.

The leather belt and steel-made buckle clips give it a nice, stylish look. It's another elegant piece designed delicately by combining style and quality. High-quality crystals are used that make the piece scratch-resistant.

AlthoughMeccaniche crafted it so exclusively, the price range is between £500 to £1000. So, no fashionable woman can afford to lose such a stylish collection.

2) Giorgio Fedon

The collection of watches that every woman wants to haveGiorgio Fedon watches is one.Giorgio Fedan is made in the technology of Japan.

It has twenty-four jewels, twenty-one thousand and six hundred BPH, an anti-shock facility, and the power is reserved forty-one hours for  Giorgio Fedon Watches.It has a rose gold colored 316L 45 mm* 15.5 mm stainless steel made shell. 

Sapphire crystals involved are dome-shaped. A coating is used for its' manufacturing, makingGiorgio Fedon anti-reflective. The watch's dial is milk-white, and for making the belt, the company engages high-quality leather.

It is waterproof and comes with two years of international warranty. Except for all these features,Giorgio Fedon Watches are pocket friendly and affordable. 

3) Bomberg Watches

Like the previously mentioned brands, Bomberg also offers you an exclusive collection within an affordable range. Here are some ofBomberg watches within £500 to £1000. 

(a) Bomberg BOLT-68 Range

 Bomberg BOLT-68 Range

This watch is made of Swiss technology. Its’ features include automatic ongoing of hands, date, 28,800 Bph. and power reserve for 38 hours.

The back case of thisBomberg watch is made of 45mm* 16mm black PVD 316L stainless steel.

It is available in the black and brown dial, white-colored minute and hour hands with orange second hand with 24mm* 19cm brown colored belt. Sapphire crystals are included with this waterproof watch. 

(b) Bomberg BOLT-68 GMT Blue

Bomberg BOLT-68 GMT Blue

This is another  Bomberg watch  made in Swiss technology with 515D quartz and GMT features. The case is made with 45mm*16mm stainless steel. It is found in the silver dial, and time pointers are also steel made.

The belt is blue color perforated leather made. Like all the watches mentioned above, it is also waterproof and can also be used as a pocket watch. 

(c) Bomberg 1968 Pink Swarovski

Bomberg 1968 Pink Swarovski

Along with the features, thisBomberg watch is famous for its pink color preferred by every woman. This watch's dial is pink and white, and the outer frame is a 40mm* 15mm 316L case of stainless steel.

Swarovski crystals surround the center of this watch, and time is tinged with pink color. The leather band used is pink and white-colored, and the belt's buckle is steel made. 

OtherBomberg watches like 1968 Chronograph Bronze, 1968 Chronograph Black, 1968 Chronograph matte Black, 1968 Chronograph silver, 1968 Chronograph Bronze are also high-quality, stylish watches £500 to £1000.

4) Louis Erard

Here we are talking about a boutique brand with a desire to fulfill dreams through its own, honest method. Louis Erard is at the center of watchmaking for eighty-five long years. Here are the collections between £500 to £ 1000:

Louis Erard Romance Collection:

(a) Louis Erard Romance Mother of Pearl Diamonds

Louis Erard Romance Mother of Pearl Diamonds

29 mm * 9 mm case made of stainless steel, 785 quartz movement of two hands this watch can make your particular date more memorable.

Anti-reflective sapphire glass is used at the top, with a white pearl dial. The hands are gold plated with 14 mm * 16 cm dual-color IP gold and 316L stainless steel made chain. This can protect water for 30 meters.

(b) Louis Erard Romance Diamond

Louis Erard Romance Diamond

Another statement piece from the house of Louis Erard is 785 quartz. The dial is white toned with 28 mm * 8 mm stainless steel made outer case. Diamonds are used, and the glass is an anti-reflective sapphire one.

The 14 mm * 16 cm belt is an imitation of Croco leather that is tinged in black. The loop is made of 316L stainless steel. It can protect the watch from water to 50 meters. 

(c) Louis Erard Romance Rose gold

It is another range of 785 quartz from the house of Louis Erard. It has a white dial with 33 mm * 9 mm stainless steel made the lower case, five jewels, and anti-reflective sapphire glass.

The 16 mm * 16 cm stainless steel chain has a dual color effect with a butterfly at the end as to clip it. The IP hands are gold plated, and Arabic numeric is used as hour marking. It is waterproof by 30 meters. 

5) Klokers

Here we are talking about a brand that is specialized for distinctive innovation with marvelous design. These watches have some French touch. Let’s find some of their collection:

(a) Klokers Minimal Black

Klokers Minimal Black

It is a 763E quartz with 44 mm * 11.5 mm stainless steel made outer shell. It has a decorated transparent polymer with an in-built magnifying lens.

This model has a push-button at eight that can unlock the watch from the top to its' bottom. It has a black dial with different layers for hours, minutes, and seconds.

The belt used is 22 mm * 230 mm leather grey colored and 316L steel as its loop. This watch is waterproof and splash-proof. 

You can get the same features in another model called  Klokers Minimal White, just its’ dial is white.

(b) Klokers Heritage Anthracite Limited Edition

Klokers Heritage Anthracite Limited Edition

This model from Kloker is a 763E quartz. Its outer case comprises 44 mm * 11.5 mm stainless steel with 316L decorated polymer case and an in-built magnifying lens.

This model also has a push-button like the one previously described. The dial is an Anthracite one, with different tracks for seconds, minutes, and hours.

The 22 mm * 230 mm red leather belt comes with 316L stainless steel made loop, and it is launched to celebrate the 5th birth anniversary of the company. So, it's not available in massive stock.

Final Words

Here we try to present the features of some exclusive women's watches along with their price. Elements like color, looks, hands, hour indicators, jewels used all are illustrated in detail.

These are the brands that everyone wants to possess. But because of their high range, everybody can't afford these brands so, if your budget is £500 to £1000, you can easily afford these exclusive ones to enhance your style statement.

Shiva Ji
Shiva Ji