Espousing Luxury in Watches can Rustle up Timelessness to follow

Espousing Luxury in Watches can Rustle up Timelessness to follow - Watches & Crystals

Everything in our life is managed and monitored by time. Without a doubt, time is the most crucial aspect of everyone’s life which is why it is necessary to keep a track of it.

Clocks and watches were designed for the sole purpose of keeping track of time and managing all tasks appropriately. But it is not just a necessity, rather watches have also become a fashion statement in today’s world.

Hence, we bring to you a list of Premium Watches and some of the Best Luxury Watches. 

1. Breitling


We cannot possibly talk about luxury watch brands and not mention Breitling! Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular wrist watches in the world.

David Beckham loves wearing  Breitling wrist watches which remains a classic among celebrities.

What’s even more impressive is how these watches are suitable for almost every climate, temperature, and terrain, signifying their reliability along with prestige and power.

The well-known Breitling Transocean and Navitimer model by the company is famous for its versatility and innovative design.

These exclusive watches have a huge collection suitable for all genders and age groups which makes them even more popular.

2. Omega 


A company running for the past 170 years – Omega is known to provide top-notch and well-renowned  swiss luxury watches to its customers.

It is also considered to be one of the most successful wrist-watch brands in the entire world because of its excellent quality, reliability, and precision.

An interesting fact about Omega is that the company started off under the name of Louis Brandt & Fil in a small Swiss village in 1848. The first ever series produced by them in 1855 was the ‘Labrador’.

Omega also secured the first position among the other 6 categories in the Geneva Observatory trials, 1931.

Since then, the company has been globally recognized and has reached new heights of success. 

3. Korloff Paris

 Korloff Paris

A Switzerland based brand known by everyone;  Korloff Paris is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world.

Highly famous for its luxury watches the company sells some of the best  men’s designer watches UK as well as women’s luxury watches.

The amazing quality, attention to detail, and astonishing design are what make these watches exceptionally popular among all the other wrist-watch brands.

Also known for its ubiquitous diamond designs, the Korloff Paris watches stand out with sophistication, thus attracting more gaze and low maintenance.

In addition to this, it also has chronograph models worth every penny. 

4. Tissot 


It is impossible to be talking about swiss watches without the mention of one of the Switzerland’s finest – Tissot wrist watches.

From elegant rose gold ladies watches to prestigious luxury watches for men – the company never fails to impress its customers.

The company continues to evolve by inculcating the smart technology aspects in combination with its unique antique style and design.

The attention to detail is very evident in each design of the Tissot watch, where each stone is placed with utmost care and precision. Indian cricket team captian Virat Kohli wears the famous Tissot watches oh so proudly! 

5. Hublot


If you are looking for a watch that makes you stand out of the crowd – Hublot watches are just the right ones for you. They are known for unique monochrome, beautifully crafted dense designs and limited collection pieces.

Hubot recently launched Big Bang Integral collection in three colors i.e. white, navy blue, and grey. The watches are built in a scratch free durability and hypoallergenic properties.

The durability of Hubot makes it stand out of the crowd. The integral single color design of Hubot watches is an alluring attraction.

Even though its unique design might be intriguing to many, some people believe that Hubot watches could sometimes be a overwhelming on the wrist due to their single dense color pallet. 

6. Guess 


Some look for the perfect design in a watch, while some pay attention to the mechanics. For the ones looking for the whole package – Guess is undeniably the right choice.

Exceptional design and flawless functionality are what make Guess very popular among all the other luxury watches.

Best known for  men’s designer watches  USA, Guess watches make some of the finest pieces that look absolutely stunning on your hand.

A lesser-known fact about Guess watches is that this Swiss watch manufacturing firms is a part of the House of Tissot.

The company recruits some of the most progressive designers and engineers who give rise to these luxurious and reliable wrist watches for men and women.

The watches from house of Tissot have unparalleled perfection. They have a wide range of collection for both men and women.

7. Chopard 


When talking about fancy and unique luxury wrist-watches that can be worn on special occasions, Chopard would be the best exclusive wrist-watch brand to consider.

Known for its playful designs and fashionable look, Chopard watches focuses on delivering high-end jewelry patterns.

Very popular for women’s  luxury watches, the company manufactures creative timepieces for its customers.

The company is well-renowned for its most recognized and costliest collections of Happy Diamonds Line which was first launched in 1976.

They design the most durable, elegant, and ethereal watches which is evident in its feminine imperial collection too.

Apart from the feminine wrist watches, Chopard also manufactures some demonstrating, down-to-earth, and classic racing watches. 

8. Century Swiss 

Century Swiss

Numerous extravagance watches focus more on the bulkier finish of the collection.

For some individuals, they need something all the more relaxed, downplayed, and less prominent on the wrist. Century Swiss is a company which responded well to the call.

The design being less bulky, with monolithic diamond-facetted case for sapphire lovers. The  century Swiss sapphire watches are patented.

Previously the company was located in Biel, now it is in Nidau. The brand is famous for horological mastery of deign and manufacturing technique. 

Indeed, it's these features of amazing and extraordinary blend that makes a century Swiss so exceptional.

A perfect blend of pleasing design, exceptional functionality, and pleasing watches, Century Swiss gives the same amount of consideration to the visual allure as the internal mechanics of its watches. 

9. Armand Nicolet

Armand Nicolet

This company comes on top in the list of oldest operating watch makers in the world which has never failed to impress its customers with its exquisite design and style.

The aim of  Armand Nicolet is to bring back the classic design of 30s to 70s watches, this top-of -the-line watch brand is still known for its determination of creating quality and stylishly exceptional watches.

They also have mesmerizing  luxury women’s watches  collection. The brand story goes long back in the history. The story of Armand Nicolet begins around 1875 in, a little town of Tramelan.

He was the son of a watchmaker, who created golden pocket watch with his exceptional technical skills. Since his death, his son is Handling the brand with extraordinary technical Swiss expertise and Italian designs.

10. Gaga Milano

Gaga Milano

Gaga Milano is known for its excellent quality watches. Gaga Milano is one of the  best luxury watch brands in the world.

With a natural comprehension of style and a steadfast obligation to exactness, Gaga Milano plans stand apart from the horde of extravagance watches with their particular appearance that is totally different.

The brand was inaugurated in 2004 and since then has expanded to Africa, Europe, and America. After 14 years of classic watchmaking and expansion internationally, the brand is bringing a pop of color to their quality watches.

Extravagance watches are ordained to give you a classy look and boost up your confidence. Despite the fact that we presently have digital watches in our cellphones, nothing beats the excellent polish of a wonderfully created watch.

Unexpectedly, checking the time turns into a fairly energizing experience and of course we all love the compliments, don’t we? In any case, these watches aren't just a method of following time.

An exceptional watch is a passionate venture. A loved belonging. Hence, it is necessary to devote appropriate amount of time and effort before purchasing a  premium watch. 


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