Introducing the Most Luxurious Roamer Watches Online

Introducing the Most Luxurious Roamer Watches Online - Watches & Crystals

We have always treasured watches our whole life. There are so many facets to buying a watch. Whether you choose vintage or modern, it could seem like you must figure out how to climb Mount Everest when you’re starting.

Well, think no more!! Roamer Watches has brought you a wide range of watches which will eliminate this doubt altogether.

Roamer is a premium watch manufacturer situated in Wallbach, Switzerland.

Roamer luxury watches boast of exquisitely crafted dials and gems that are intricately interwoven. They are the perfect family heirloom for those looking to invest in a watch with long-term value.

Roamer women’s and men’s watches have years of clients' trust associated with beautiful Roamer watch reviews. The Roamer watch comes in handy while dressing for that perfect date, meeting or even a casual outing.

Why are Roamer Watches popular among watch lovers?

Since 1888, the name has been associated with high-quality Swiss watches in classically attractive designs. Roamer's success has been built on constant innovation, superior materials, superb craftsmanship, and precise Swiss movements.

With continual developments, exceptional materials, fine craftsmanship, and precise Swiss movements, the brand maintains its success story. Roamer’s watches are genuinely one-of-a-kind because of their meticulous attention to detail and remarkable and personal devotion.

Roamer of Switzerland has been creating exceptional wristwatches with designs that combine historic traditions with current convictions since 1888. The Swiss Made badge of excellence is associated with high-end manufacturing practices and product quality.

Every Roamer timepiece has a balanced, aesthetically beautiful design that combines functionality and beauty. A Roamer is a manifestation of an independent, cosmopolitan personality that understands and appreciates the harmonious lines and high-quality composition of colors, patterns, and materials, beyond the precision movements and magnificent materials.

Since the turn of the millennium, Roamer has returned to its roots, producing high-quality watches entirely in Switzerland. Great value for money, while staying true to Swiss watchmaking tradition.

The exact Swiss movements that power Roamer's watches exemplify uncompromising attention to detail, while carefully chosen compositions of long-lasting materials in harmonious designs communicate sensitivity and a timeless character.

Every Roamer wristwatch evokes a sensual sense of liberation and may be worn as a trustworthy timepiece on every occasion, ably performing its functions and giving a new dimension to each precious moment in life: QUALITY TIME.

Roamer watches are known for their long-lasting styles which are extremely elegant and breath-taking. Roamer watches' designs speak marvellously of precise engineering, colourful palette and iconic functional range.

Roamer watches are a perfect choice of gift for your dear ones. The Roamer men and women watches are toned in beautiful straps to give them a desirable finishing. 

Roamer watches remain a relevant brand today because of their focus on fresh ideas and cutting-edge design. The high quality is what really distinguishes Roamer from the other players in this industry, which makes them stand out as truly authentic pieces.


Fritz Meyer founded Roamer in 1888 in Solothurn, Switzerland. Meyer and his team initially focused on producing cylinder escapements. The company grew to 60 employees in only seven years and began making complete timepieces.

In 1895, the business created its first calibre, which was given the number 38 in honor of the company's founder's 38th birthday. Meyer and Studeli was founded in 1905 by Meyer and colleague watchmaker Johann Studeli (MST).

Meyer won a bronze medal at the Liege World Fair the following year. The team continued to produce new calibres and enter them in more World Fairs, receiving Silver Medals at the Milan and Brussels World Fairs in 1906 and 1910, respectively. 

An unmarked lady's pocket watch with an MST 41 cylinder escapement with London silver hallmarks dated 1908 is the first known timepiece.

They bought fellow Solothurn watchmaker L Tieche Gammeter in 1917. (LTG). In 1908, LTG had registered the trademark "Roamer." Meyer & Studeli SA was founded in 1918 as a result of the cooperation.

Production had increased to one million units by 1923. The 'Roamer' brand was used to market the jeweled lever-escapement timepieces. Medana and Meda were two watch brands that sold cylinder and later pin-lever timepieces.

The business developed its own dial manufacture line in 1932. Meyer and Studeli formally changed its name to Roamer Watch Co. SA in 1952, after opening a representative office in New York City in 1945.

Roamer developed the Anfibio watertight watchcase in 1955, and it quickly became a commercial hit. In 1972, the business released its first quartz movement.

Roamer resumed production of mechanical watches in 2003.

Roamer released a limited new edition of the Stingray Chrono Diver watch to commemorate the company's 125th anniversary in 2013.

Roamer is a member of the Swiss Watch Industry Federation FH.

Roamer Watches that one must buy this year

1. Roamer R-Line Big Date Small Seconds

Roamer R-Line Big Date Small Seconds

Price: £358.33 Non-UK VAT Tax excl.

  • The watch comes with a 38mm x 8mm Stainless Steel Case.
  • Black dial with Polished 316L Stainless Steel Applied Hour Markers and Hands.
  • Date window at 12 O’Clock.
  • Small seconds at 6 O’Clock.
  • The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.
  • This Roamer watch has Sapphire Crystal.
  • 18mm x 17cm 316L Stainless Steel Bracelet.
  • Hidden Butterfly Clasp.

Roamer R-Line Big Date Small Seconds

2. Roamer Classic Vanguard Rectangular Date Roman Numerals

Roamer Classic Vanguard Rectangular Date Roman Numerals

Price: £300.00 Non-UK VAT Tax excl.

  • The watch comes with a 28/33mm x 8mm 316L Stainless Steel Case.
  • Silver dial with IP Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Hands.
  • Partial Roman Numeral Markers.
  • The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.
  • This Roamer watch has Curved Sapphire Crystal.
  • 20mm x 18cm Two Toned IP Rose Gold and 316L Stainless Steel Bracelet.
  • Hidden Butterfly Clasp.

Roamer Classic Vanguard Rectangular Date Roman Numerals

3. Roamer Ceraline Pure Date White

Roamer Ceraline Pure Date White

Price: £237.50 Non-UK VAT Tax excl.

  • The watch comes with a 41mm x 15mm IP Gold Plated 316L Stainless Steel Case.
  • White Guilloche Centre with Mother of Pearl outer dial.
  • IP Gold Plated 316L Stainless Steel Luminous Markers and Hands.
  • The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.
  • This Roamer watch has White Bezel Inserted.
  • 22mm x 18cm White Silicone Strap.
  • Hidden Butterfly Clasp.

Roamer Ceraline Pure Date White

Roamer Watches may be worth considering if you're seeking for attractive watches that complement your style.


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