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Wristwatches have been closely linked, in the last 100 years, to great challenges of the human being and also to terrible historical moments such as wars.

The need for its performance to be made with the highest quality and precision has made the diver professional watch industry adapt its production to these requirements. 

No doubt these achievements could not have been produced without a watch of the highest quality.

We are talking, to name a few examples, of the Longines Weems that Lindbergh used after his first non-stop transoceanic flight between New York and Paris;

The Dirty Dozen used by the British Army during World War II, the Smiths who helped Hillary crown the Everest or the Omega Speedmaster who stepped on the Moon in 1969 led by Buzz Aldrin.

Today, we are going to talk about other great challenges of the human being, but instead of looking up we are going to look towards the depths of the sea. We are talking about  men diving watches

Stylish Diving Watches and their Origin

Although initially there were certain attempts to find a way to ensure the tightness of a watch in aquatic conditions such as the  Rolex Hermetic  or IWC Hermetic (basically watches that were inserted inside a waterproof case with glass).

It can be considered that the first men diver style watch was a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, first for military use but famous made by Jacques Cousteau in his work and filming.

Moreover, in 1964 this military diver watch managed to reach the not negligible depth of 1122m. and go up to tell the story.

Jacques Cousteau himself collaborated with numerous brands to improve the performance of the best divers watches and to a large extent we owe him the look and current capabilities of today's scuba divers

Basically, the needs that require to be covered for marine diver watches are not only those of resisting water and pressure, but avoiding condensation on its glass, ability to resist shocks, visibility in low light environments at a minimum distance of 25 centimeters,

A bezel as an additional tool that serve to control the time of the dives (and therefore calculate the oxygen stocks) and some straps adaptable to the conditions of the sea water.

This makes diver automatic watches a true professional tool and far above the quality and performance of a watch that is simply "waterproof."

Diver Watches at a Glance

Nowadays divers continue to be produced and are highly appreciated by collectors and those users who wish to wear a classic diver watch that does not fail under any circumstance.

I think it is important to know that the benefits need to be tested from time to time to maintain the maximum utility of these diver vintage watches.

I want to present 3 watches that will meet the highest demands and that can be used daily and on any occasion.

1. MV Nereide 3.0

MV Nereide 3.0

With a high-precision Swiss automatic movement MV285 and 42h power reserve, it also has a waterproof steel case up to 20ATM with a rear where you can see the mechanism.

The tightness is guaranteed with a back that is tightly fixed by 6 screws, a screwed crown and a double sapphire treatment crystal on both sides.

It has a rotating bezel. In addition the needles and indexes are bright with Superluminova and allow a perfect view in low light conditions.

2. Louis Erard Diver Sportive

Louis Erard Diver Sportive

Surely this is the one that best responds to the classic idea of diver, although at the same time it has an innovative design in its rotating steel bezel.

Provided with precision Swiss Sellita movement, the most distinguishable is in its steel case: 20ATM resistant screwed back case, screwed crown, luminescent indexes and needles, and an anti reflective sapphire treatment glass.

3. Visconti Pro Dive 3000

Visconti Pro Dive 3000

And finally, a real monster from the depths, Visconti Pro Dive 3000, with a Swiss automatic machine with power reserve indicator, a monobloc bronze aluminum case (made in one piece) safe at 300ATM!! with a helium valve.

Giant screwed crown, rotating bezel,  luminescent hands and indexes in blue, sapphire glass , water-resistant shark strap.

All the highest performances are crowned with a helium valve that allows, after a deep professional dive, to recover normal pressure of the marine watches for pro divers inside a hyperbaric chamber and which, under normal conditions, could make it explode.

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