What Are the Top 10 Brand for Women's Watches?

What Are the Top 10 Brand for Women's Watches? - Watches & Crystals

Women's watches are a class unto itself. All watchmakers make watches that befit a ladies, petite wrist. Women are more fashionable and style conscious.

So would always want to wear accessories that go with the occasion and their outfit. You have many best women brand watches that are a must-add to a woman's wardrobe. 

Among These, The Top Ten Women's Watches Are

  1. Versus Versace

  2. Tissot

  3. Guess collection watches

  4. Eone Bradley

  5. Louis Erard

  6. Gaga Milano

  7. Korloff Paris

  8. Roamer

  9. Traser

  10. Calvin Klein

Now Let Us See Some Fashionable and Luxurious Examples of These Brands in Women Watches.

1. Versus Versace

Versus Versace

It is an Italian brand that has a global presence. Watches made for women by Versace exude flair, unconventional design, and creativity.

Always have a look at their latest collection, and you are sure to add a few pieces that will make your wardrobe look all the more colorful, bold, and sporty.

Whether you choose a metallic strap or a leather strap, you will love to adorn your wrist with a Versace watch for its look and comfort. These watches are made with quality materials and are durable. 

Versus Versace Tokai, Two-Tone, and Versus Versace Mabillion Black are two watches that will go with any of the woman’s outfit.

2. Tissot 


One of the authentic timepiece brands is Tissot. This Swiss brand makes watches in different categories from classic, sport, heritage, pocket, gold, T- touch, and more.

They are known for adding innovative ideas to watches. It was the first watchmaker to make two time zone watches. Also, they have made t-touch watches that help the visually impaired to tell the time with a tactile touch. 

Tissot every time Black Bracelet and Tissot every time Fabric Strap are two must-have among many of their exclusive brand watches for women. 

3. Versace Collection Watches


Apart from functionality, women look for aesthetics when it comes to watches. Versace Collection updates their models in women's watches, often following the trends in fashion and have a visual appeal.

Most of the watches from Versace quartz or mechanical come in an affordable range. It gives many women to add a couple of Versace watches to their wardrobe. 

Versace Collection Sport Class XXL Chronograph Black Ceramic is a watch that any woman will love to flaunt whether she is a sportswoman, office goer, or a housewife. 

4. Eone Bradley

Eone Bradley

Modern watches with an inclusive design that describes Eone Bradley watches for women in brief. These watches come both in luxury and affordable ranges, and most of them are tactile.

So, anyone can tell time just with a touch. Your wardrobe cannot be devoid of with at least one beautiful watch from one of the top brand watches for women. 

Eone Bradley Red and Eone Bradley  Compass Iris are good examples of this brand. 

5. Louis Erard

Louis Erard

When you talk of brand name watches for women, how can you not include Louis Erard in that list. Their watches exude nothing but excellence. And every woman that has a timepiece of this brand will feel proud to flaunt it for sure.

The swiss love to show off their craftsmanship, and the makers of this brand are not pinchpenny in showcasing this feature in their watches. Their timepieces are high on aesthetics as well as functionality.

Add a couple of pieces from this brand to know about this, and you will want to add more. Louis Erard Héritage Diamonds Steel, Louis Erard Emotion Square Date White, and more are the watches you will wish to add to your collection.

Buy Louis Erard Watches

6. Gaga Milano

Gaga Milano

When you have a look at a few of these top brand watches for women, you will aspire to have a piece or two of these unmistakable stylish watches in your wardrobe for sure.

The brand has always followed consistency in its design. All their watches have oversized Arabic numerals. They have a large collection of colorful watches. It allows a woman to make their watch collection pretty colorful.

Here are two examples - GaGà Milano Manuale 48MM and GaGà Milano 40mm Pink.

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7. Karloff Paris

Karloff Paris

When you look for detail, precision, craftsmanship, and more all in one timepiece, the one luxury brand watch for women that comes to your mind is Karloff Paris.

They make watches in their regular edition as well as a limited edition. Keep looking for the latter, and you will be the owner of an exclusive beautiful watch from this maker. It will be the envy of the town, and you will feel proud to flaunt it on your wrist. 

Korloff Diamond Chronometer Limited Edition and Korloff Marine Reversible Diamonds Steel are indispensable for a woman who believes in being fashionable every time.

8. Roamer 


A watch that is made with confidence again worn with poise and that best brand for watches for women is nothing but Roamer.

These high-quality watches are a must-have for every woman. They are functional and fashionable, and both entwined into one. 

Just try a couple of Roamer Watches, and you will not want to try any other brand.

Now, if this does not ooze of self-assurance, then what does. Roamer Competence Blue and Roamer Ceraline Pure Date White are must-have timepieces. They define your style statement and go with almost all your outfits.

9. Traser


One of the top brand watches for women in the sports category is Traser watches. These watches are well built and most reliable. In these watches, visual appeal and functionality go hand in hand. And you will not know why you chose this watch, whether for the former feature or the latter.

A wardrobe of an athlete or sportsperson without Traser T73 LT Chronograph Date and Traser P66 Elite Chronograph Date Orange Limited Edition is incomplete.

10. Calvin Klein 

Calvin Klein

Are you looking for watches with a modern look; and for casual wear, then one of the popular brands for watches for women is none other than Calvin Klein. These watches go well with your casual wear. And if you often wear such clothes, do not deprive your wardrobe of this brand. Look for a few latest pieces. 

Complete your wardrobe with at least a couple of timepieces from this brand, like Calvin Klein Minimal White and Calvin Klein Accent. Then you will not waste time searching for a matching watch for your casual outfit.

It is not an exhaustive list of top brands for women watches. These are just a few examples of a few indispensable timepieces in your wardrobe. To replenish your wardrobe, from time to time, make it a habit to have a look at the site of Watches & Crystals. You will always remain in style and ooze of confidence.

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