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You have plenty of watchmakers out there. And each of them keeps doling out trendy watches from time to time. Watch connoisseurs can have a peep at them both in the brick and mortar shops as well as eCommerce websites. Indeed, it is not enough to only look at them. 

Adding a couple of watches to your wardrobe from the latest designs of well-known brands will update it. And the brands that avid watch lovers can look out for are Louis Erard, Graham, Bell and Rose watches collection, and more. 

This vast collection will inspire you to shop to your fill. With this, you can wear a different timepiece that matches your outfit. What say!

Here is a small list of trendy watch brands to rummage around for

1. Bell and Ross Watch Collection

Bell and Ross Watch Collection

A relatively new brand bell and ross watches are utilitarian timepieces for professionals. Other features of this brand include durability and reliability. They stand the test of time even in extreme weather conditions.

You get to see constant evolution and innovation in this brand. It enthuses you to add a couple of masterpieces to your collection. And why not. The timepieces to look out for in this brand are 

  • Bell & Ross BR Blue Diamond Eagle

This complete midnight blue watch with a leather belt adds to your professional look when you adorn your wrist with it.

Buy Bell & Ross BR S Blue Diamond Eagle

  • Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Heritage Chronograph

The sports enthusiasts will love this watch. It comes with a brown catskin strap and black dial. 

Buy Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Heritage Chronograph

  • Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Chronograph Steel

Another watch for the sports lovers to add to their kitty. It has a classic look with a black dial, black leather strap, and steel case. 

Buy Bell & Ross BR 03-94 Chronograph Steel

    2. Breitling watches

    Breitling watches

    Those who have an obsession with quality will love the Breitling watches. The stronghold of the brand is technical watches & chiefly chronographs.

    The specialty of this decades-old brand is it can withstand intensive use even under the most trying conditions. When you look at their latest collection, you cannot stop yourself from getting at least one of them.

    Here are the two most loved watches from this brand.

    • Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph Silver

    The metal strap and silver dial give this latest watch from Breitling an elegant look. It is a must-have for sportspersons and office goers. It will go with any outfit.

    Buy Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph Silver

    • Breitling Bentley GMT Chronograph Light Body 

    A complete black watch with sapphire crystals gives the wearer a sophisticated look. Being lightweight, the athletes or the sportspeople will love to wear it continuously for any occasion. 

    Buy Breitling Bentley GMT Chronograph Light Body

      3. Graham watches

      Graham watches

      Makers of Graham Watches from four centuries have timepieces for all occasions for both men and women in different categories. They enthuse the buyers by adding to the latest collection.

      The watches to look out for are

      • Swordfish Collection

      typified by the beautiful gold and black watch - Graham Swordfish Bronze Black Dial.
      • Chronofighter Collection 

      Illustrated by the trendy Graham Chronofighter Vintage Bronze Flying Tigers Ltd Green Dial.
      • Chronofighter Superlight 

      exemplified by the chic timepiece - Graham Chronofighter Superlight Yellow Rubber.

        4. Louis Erard watches

        Louis Erard watches

        It is a boutique brand that presents to the world its horological creations. Louis Erard Watches has something for everyone in their bespoke collection.

        • Heritage Collection

        Louis Erard Heritage Date Silver - It is a simple and classy watch.
        • Romance Collection

        Louis Erard Romance Diamonds Date White  - A fashionable watch that suits any wrist.
        • Excellence Collection

        Louis Erard Excellence Date IP Gold  – A classy watch for the professional 
        • Sportive Collection 

        Louis Erard Sportive Diver Date Steel - A pretty watch any sportsperson will feel proud to flaunt.
        • Emotion Collection

        Louis Erard Emotion Diamond Date Steel - This is something stylish for women.
        • 1931 Collection

        Louis Erard 1931 Open Balance Steel- it is a timeless timepiece for men, which they will love to sport.

          5. Calvin Klein watches

          Calvin Klein watches

          Bold and progressive timepieces for modern men and women are the Calvin Klein watches

          • Calvin Klein Minimal Blue

          this all-blue brand-new watch for men goes with any outfit, casual or formal.

          Buy Calvin Klein Minimal Blue

          • Calvin Klein Class Yellow Gold-Tone

          parading this brand new white and gold watch woman will make many heads turn.

          Buy Calvin Klein Class Yellow Gold-tone

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            Shiva Ji
            Shiva Ji