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Meccaniche Veneziane

Every Meccaniche Veneziane timepiece is born from the passion of Venetian Brothers, Alberto and Alessandro Morelli. 

Tonino Lamborghini

If you love all things engineering, then Tonino Lamborghini watches are for you. The Italian brand makes timepieces to the same exacting standards as the cars which bear the same name. 


With a visionary creative director, founder and designer at its helm, Mazzucato watches really live up to the brand’s slogan: ‘Never Boring’. The watchmaker has changed the face of horology with their stunning, complex designs, basing their products on truly innovative concepts. Focused mainly on men, Mazzucato is a brand to easily fall in love with.


Balticus create individual timepieces perfectly tailored to the needs of the owner. Based in Poland, the brand design watches that attract attention and interest – a guarantee of high-quality workmanship. With a range of stunning styles to choose from for both men and women, their collection is sure to set your heart racing.

GaGà Milano

Like every great idea, GaGà Milano started from a simple premise: to take the main elements of a pocket watch and adapt it for the wrist. Ruben Tomella has achieved this with incredible effect through an excellent consistency of design throughout the collection.  


Modern, sophisticated, affordable – L&Jr watches are made for today’s world. Designed to offer a fresh approach to the Swiss watch industry, the experienced team – comprised of three founders Phillipe Cros, Jorg Hysek Jr, and Lionel Ladoire – certainly know a thing or two about quality. Creating timepieces for men and women alike, discover your dream designer watch today.


Founded by Rafael Simoes Miranda back in 2011, DWISS have been at the heart of luxury Swiss watchmaking throughout the past decade. Recognised globally for its award-winning designs and innovative technology, the Lugano-based horologist is famed for its pioneering use of materials and clever methods of showing the time. With each timepiece produced to meet the highest level of Swiss craftsmanship, DWISS Watches are multi-award winning for good reason.

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