Klokers Bangle Strap

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2 Year

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60 Day

Palladium Plated Brass Bangle

10mm x 130mm

Compatible with all Klok 01 and Klok 08 Models.

With this new strap, klokers is taking innovation a step further. The attachment system, which is invisible and fully integrated as part of the overall “jewel” makes it possible to attach the watch head.

This “jewel strap” featuring elegant feminine styling can be worn alone or as a superbly feminine fashion accessory. Its minimalistic styling allows the glossy smooth palladium material to fully express its beauty.

This bangle strap is adaptable to all sizes. To put it on, gently pull the two sides of the bracelet apart. To adjust it, press gently on the strap once it’s around your wrist.

With just a click, this jewellery item is transformed into a watch. You can wear it as a watch in the morning and as a jewellery item in the afternoon. Interchangeability, a key characteristic of the brand, allows women to choose their preferred way to wear our jewel-watch.