Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands for A Subtle Flawless Look

Top 5 Luxury Watch Brands for A Subtle Flawless Look - Watches & Crystals

A watch that cannot keep or tell the time accurately is of no use. Yes, it can adorn your wrist and add to your fashion statement. But this is not what people wear a watch. 

And when people think of timepieces, it is always about the branded varieties. Yes, these brands make watches with a subtle and flawless look. And undoubtedly, they are high on functionality.

A Few Examples of Such Brands of Designer Watches 

  1. Armand Nicolet
  2. Bomberg
  3. Century Swiss
  4. Eone
  5. Gaga Milano

1) Armand Nicolet

this brand has a selection of both contemporary and vintage watches. This company has been in the service of watchmaking for nearly a century and a half.

So many generations in your family would have adorned their wrists with Armand Nicolet watches. And incorporating innovative technology is their forte. The company has a variety of watch collections.

(i) JSS collection

JSS collection

it is an exclusive collection of sports watches. An example of this is the Armand Nicolet JSS Rose Gold Canvas. This water-resistant, blue dial, Swiss-made watch; is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Checkout JSS collection

(ii) L16 collection

L16 collection

it includes some of the extraordinary timepieces in the limited edition. Armand Nicolet L16 Skeleton O.H.M. Silver Limited Edition is an example in this collection of watches for men.

Checkout  L16 collection 

(iii) L15 collection

L15 collection

an example is Armand Nicolet L15 O.H.M. Black Limited Edition, which comes with an alligator strap and is a stunning timepiece.

Checkout L15 collection 

(iv) MO2 collection

MO2 collection

it is a mix of Italian design and swiss finesse. It gets exemplified by the Armand Nicolet M02-4 Chronograph Silver Leather.

Checkout MO2 collection

(v) JS9 collection

JS9 collection

captivating diver watches, and an example of this collection is Armand Nicolet JS9-41 Stainless Steel Black Ceramic Bezel.

Checkout JS9 collection

(vi) J09 collection

J09 collection

this unmistakable brand is one of the most popular designer wristwatches. An example is Armand Nicolet J09-3 GMT Black Rubber.

Checkout J09 Collection

2) Bomberg

this brand of watches has swiss engineering fortified with a provocative spirit.

Straying from the beaten track is not encouraged generally, but Bomberg has done this with elan and bought out some stylish timepieces which everyone will love to wear on their wrists with pride. 

These come in three collections.

(i) Bolt – 68 collection

 Bolt – 68 collection

these watches have a removable case and necklace. Add a Bomberg BOLT-68 Black Green to your collection, and you will always have a stylish timepiece at your disposal.

Checkout Bolt – 68 collection

(ii) BB-68 collection

BB-68 collection


for those who love to have a vintage look in their watch, this swiss watch for men Bomberg BB-68 VINTAGE Chronograph Black PVD is an essential part of your wardrobe.

Checkout BB-68 collection

(iii) 1968 collection

1968 collection

this Bomberg 1968 Chronograph Black Yellow watch is good to have for those who want to add something yellow to their watch collection. 

Checkout 1968 collection

3) Century swiss

a watch that is synonymous with quality, style, innovation, and diamonds is the century swiss brand. There is a watch for everyone in this brand.

From casual dressers to sportspeople, everyone can proudly own a century timepiece and flaunt it. This Swiss brand has a variety of watches for men and women.

A few of the century timepieces are 

(i) Century Sapphire Prime Time Ego COSC Chronometre Black

Century Sapphire Prime Time Ego COSC Chronometre Black

every sportsperson will love to be the owner of this watch. With a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, you can express your style statement with this long-lasting timepiece.

Buy Century Sapphire Prime Time Ego COSC Chronometre Black

(ii) Century Automatic Watch Prime Time Ego COSC Chronometre White

Century Automatic Watch Prime Time Ego COSC Chronometre White

Power Reserve Alligator Strap is a watch for someone who aspires to buy a men's watch with a leather strap.

Buy Century Automatic Watch Prime Time Ego COSC Chronometre White

4) Eone

watches are mostly designed for the general category people as they are the majority. But a brand that begs to differ is Eone. They make for a specific category of people that is disabled.

So now, people with disabilities do not have to make compromises when choosing a timepiece to wear. These people can proudly wear a Bradley Eone watch now.

Also, the company believes in having a good design for all these watches it makes. These elegant watches are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

These come in three collections.

(i) Mesh collection

Mesh collection

it has a sleek modern design and is lightweight. These watches for both men and women have a durable mesh strap.

Eone Bradley Gold Mesh is an example of one of the  Eone watches which you will not want to miss when put on sale.

Checkout Mesh collection

(ii) Apex collection

 Apex collection

the makers design these timepieces so that you can go seamlessly from day till night. They have streamlined hour makers on the minimalistic face of this sports collection.

Eone Bradley Apex Black is an affordable all-black watch and is splash-proof and water-resistant. 

Checkout Apex collection

(iii) Edge collection

 Edge collection

the watches in this collection feature raised markers having radiating concentric circles.

You will love to have this watch from Eone of a reputed and well-known brand in rose gold and white strap. Eone Bradley Edge Rose Gold can look good on any wrist. Just go for it.

Checkout Edge collection

5) Gaga Milano

initially, most people carried a pocket watch. And Gaga Milano wanted to change that and make watches to wear on the wrists by both men and women.

Now, this brand makes watches in different categories for the wrist, from limited editions to special editions and more.

They have unisex watches and exclusive watches for men and women also. Watchmakers stud all the timepieces with diamonds, making them precious. You also have waterproof watches with thin cases.

With this plethora of choices, you may want to add a few timepieces from Gaga Milano to your wardrobe. Here are a few examples from this brand.

This brand has many collections like Skeleton, Diving, Crystal, and more. But their Manuale 48 mm and Manuale 40 MM are the most popular.

The two examples of this collection are listed below. 

The first one is the Gaga Milano Manuale 48mm 

(i) GaGà Milano Manuale 48MM White.

GaGà Milano Manuale 48MM White.

It has a white dial with red Arabic markers. This feature makes a stunning style statement and will go with any attire, whether formal or casual. You should add this affordable watch to your collection.  

Buy GaGà Milano Manuale 48MM White

The next one is the Gaga Milano Manuale 40MM.

(ii) GaGà Milano Manuale 40MM Green

GaGà Milano Manuale 40MM Green

this watch has a white mother of pearl dial and green markers; and a green strap. If green is your favorite color, do add it to your collection. You will love to adorn your wrist with it.

Buy GaGà Milano Manuale 40MM Green 

These are just a few watches from a big collection on the site  Watches and Crystals. To see more variety and their latest designs, visit their website. You will surely end up buying a couple of watches.

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