Automatic vs Chronograph: Your Guide to the Different Types of Watches

Automatic vs Chronograph: Your Guide to the Different Types of Watches

At Watches and Crystals, we enjoy the beauty and clear-cut precision of designer watches, but sometimes, the jargon of the horology industry can leave our customers feeling understandably confused; we’ve put together a handy guide to help you understand the difference in the mechanics of your timepiece, so you can be confident you are investing in a watch to suit your needs perfectly. 

Automatic Watches

Whether you desire a timepiece for a man or a woman, the difference between a mechanical watch and an automatic one is that, with the latter, gone are the days of having to wind the mainspring periodically to power the gear movement. 

Now, that's not to say your watch winds itself; if you invest in an automatic, your arm movements trigger the rotator weights to power up and wind themselves. 

Sometimes ball bearings may rotate within your automatic watch and move the gears through kinetic energy generated by your use. Put simply, the more you wear it, the more it will generate power. 

Some automatic watches can self-wind, which is handy if you are not a regular watch user. If your timepiece does stop ticking, giving it a shake can get it working again.  

Why would I choose an automatic watch?

Reaching for your smartwatch for functionality in the modern world may feel much more straightforward. However, automatic timepieces give any outfit a refined and elegant look that sports watches cannot achieve. 

Swiss watches are often automatic in function and are some of the very best timepieces in the world in terms of pioneering and craft. Choose an automatic if you want a modicum of class in your accessories. 

Chronograph Watches

In layman’s terms, a chronograph is a stopwatch with style. Visually distinguishable by two or three sub-dials and two push buttons to stop and start the functionality, chronographs usually have tachymeters inscribed in the edging of their face so you can convert your time into speed for excellent performance on the track or in the pool. 

With a chronograph watch, there's no need to swap out your big bulky sports watch for a smarter timepiece when you’re heading into the office; thanks to the versatility of these pieces, you can achieve functionality and style. 

Why would I choose a chronograph? 

You might wonder about the perks of wearing a chronograph watch when it sounds like a smartwatch can offer the same functionality. While this may be true, nothing beats the craftsmanship of these timepieces. The elegant style is unbeatable, with the ability to carry you daily from sport to the office. 

Some of Our Favourite Automatic and Chronograph Watches 


For beautiful Swiss craftsmanship, nothing beats TAG Heuer. If you need a diver, Tissot produces some of the highest-quality dive watches with automatic movement. 

For women, Louis Erard’s attention to detail and delicate rose gold finishes will elevate your wardrobe and confidence. 

If you want to purchase a Gents automatic watch, Edox has some incredible dive watches that are effortless in style. At the same time, Emporio Armani adds a touch of luxury to your formal wear. 


Choose a BOSS watch for an affordable timepiece that never compromises on style. The minimalist aesthetics and icy metal finishes bring an industrial cool to your outfit while keeping sport-related performance on point. 

If you’re shopping for a men's chronograph that displays luxury style, Michael Kors is the brand for you. You will be spoilt for choice when browsing this collection with all the various finishes and hues available. We love the Dylan grey for a contemporary twist on the sophisticated chronograph watch. 

For men who prefer a bulkier or rugged watch style, Casio-G shocks are excellent choices as they offer optimum chronographic performance, whether mountainside or deep-sea diving, while maintaining a handsome flair. 

For a contemporary twist on vintage classics, choose women's Casio watches; some of the wristwear in this collection comes with the benefit of being water resistant up to 50m, so you needn't swap out your wristwear when heading for a swim. Suppose you want something more fashion-forward in that case, Michael Kors offers a host of chronographs with rose gold finishes and crystal embellishments. For a designer watch of the most premium Swiss craftsmanship, choose Tissot. 

Contact us for any help with your order; we are always happy to answer any questions or queries about any of our products.

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