Buying Guide: Luxury Watches

Buying Guide: Luxury Watches

Here at Watches and Crystals, we know buying a watch is a personal investment worth taking the time to mull over. Whether you’re purchasing a timepiece to treasure as a family heirloom or have an emotional connection to a specific brand or style, we’re here to help you on your journey to discover your next favourite timepiece. 

What makes a watch luxury?

Although this isn't a one-size-fits-all question, as a general rule, you can expect specific characteristics from your timepieces that will give you that exquisite luxury feel. 

Often, they will use precious metals such as silver and gold and be accented by real gemstones, although some stunning stainless steel options are available in the modern market.  

Another general rule to follow in the hunt for luxury is to search for an exquisitely crafted Swiss timepiece. 

When it comes to beginning to browse for your wristwear, it can feel like a bit of a minefield, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to ensure you tick all the style boxes while remaining elegant and sophisticated. 

Decide on a Budget 

Setting a budget before browsing is a surefire way to stop you from falling in love with a timepiece thousands of pounds out of reach! 

For luxury timepieces that don’t break the bank, we recommend Tissot or Gaga Milano; you’ll love their elegant metallic finishes and premium materials. 

For a mid-range selection, consider timepieces from TAG Heuer. For timepieces of the finest calibre, we recommend Louis Erard, whose sensual hand-wound experiences are unlike anything else in the industry. 


Styling a Luxury Watch

Our style is the key to holding our heads high and feeling confident in ourselves, so getting the right watch for the right occasion is essential when deciding which to buy. Here are our designer watch recommendations for different dress styles. 

Formal: A historical sign of wealth and status, owning a dress watch immediately gives off an air of class and sophistication. Look out for leather straps, simple designs and Roman numerals in your hunt, and you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the evening. 

For this, we recommend brands such as Emporio Armani, Nordgreen and Burberry, who take minimalist designs and produce stunning wristwear every time. 

For more information on the perfect dress watch, check out our blog on all things formal wristwear.

Diver: Diver watches are characterised by their ability to be visible in low light and deep water conditions. Often equipped with some of the highest technology on the market and big chunky dials for ease of access, investing in a luxury diver will help you achieve your sporting goals.

We recommend options from U-boat or Edox for divers of the highest precision.  

Racer/Sport: An excellent option for anyone into track running or racing. These watches are often fit with a tachymeter and timekeeping features of the highest calibre so you can track your race down to the last second.

Lamborghini and Ferrari win the race every time for us when it comes to timepieces built for the track; you’ll love the clean lines and outstanding aesthetics both brands provide. 

Everyday: We know buying a timepiece means you’ll likely want to use it as often as possible. Although we would always recommend different types for different uses, a general rule is to pair light with light and dark with dark. 

For example, black watch faces from Paul Picot look fabulous with navy jeans, and light leather straps from Burberry look stunning with linen during summer. 

Here at Watches and Crystals, we recommend taking your time when buying your timepiece and considering all the characteristics you would like your new wristwear to have. Please contact us with any questions; we’re always happy to assist.

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