New attraction for Breitling watches

New attraction for Breitling watches - Watches & Crystals

Breitling has a centuries-old reputation for producing classic timepieces indispensable in the aviation industry and other fields.

Since its founding in 1884, every Breitling watch has made a bold design declaration, showcasing Breitling's creative spirit. Breitling has been producing excellent watches since its inception, and its reputation has grown as a result.

Breitling watches are known for their quality, performance, and design all over the world. Every Breitling watch is a COSC-certified chronometer, ensuring unrivaled precision.

A Breitling watch's technical prowess is matched by an unmistakable aesthetic code.

Breitling is best known for its aviation watch series, which features quartz movements and special functions that enable pilots to monitor flight data and send distress signals in an emergency. It also makes excellent underwater watches.

So, why are Breitling watches adored all over the world?

Breitling makes quality timepieces. The overall build quality and finish are commendable at the price point they are offered, although there are exceptions.

All quartz timepieces from Breitling are high-accuracy watches, and all of their mechanical grade watches are certified chronometers (COSC certified).

Speaking about mechanical movements, the majority of their movements are generic ETA based, which, per Breitling, are heavily modified to match their quality assurance standards.

However, they have some of the models with their in-house movement, which is gradually gaining traction in the watch community.

From a design standpoint, Breitling watches are big, bold, and shiny. Many Breitling watches with good design elements are often offered in the 46–48mm range, which is an uncomfortable and unrealistic size to the sport for many people.

I like the bold aspect of Breitling's, but their watches are rarely understated (exceptions always there). For the most part, the case and the bracelet are overly polished, which makes them an easy fingerprint magnet and prone to scratches.

Breitling men's watches

Breitling watches for men are synonymous with elegance, precision, and versatility. Breitling has been making chronographs for commercial, military, and scientific purposes since 1884.

This is mirrored in our men's collections as well. The watches are designed for men of action and intent.

Women's Breitling watches

Breitling watches for women are a sign of sophistication and commitment. 

Women's watches have a slightly smaller diameter than men's watches and feature intricate features, including diamond-paved bezels and mother-of-pearl dials.

Breitling Watches UK

Breitling has a long history with aviation, dating back to the 1930s. The organization saw it manufacture cockpit clocks, support aviation clubs, and have its own aerobatics team compete internationally.

It is also the only luxury watch company that can display the Red Arrows insignia on its watches, thanks to a 25-year relationship with the Royal Air Force.

Breitling has developed itself as a luxury brand of choice for those in high society circles. Several movie actors have also been seen wearing these watches.

In the film ‘Fathom,’ super star Raquel Welch wore a Breitling Chronograph. For the film 'Thunderball,' the character James Bond wore a bespoke Breitling of the Q line, which can be seen in many scenes.

Many people are unaware of this fact about the Breitling Emergency watch model. This high-tech watch has a built-in transmitter that can send a distress signal over a specific frequency.

This signal can be picked up by rescue teams from up to 90 nautical miles away.

Breitling is a watch company that has a rich history of innovation and evolution. It is closely associated with innovations, and these facts about Breitling have hopefully explained how Breitling has established itself as the ultimate pilot's watch company.

Today, Breitling keeps evolving and developing, and it is primarily known for its oversized watches – much to the fact that pilots need large watches.

Breitling watches for sale

It's sporadic to find a luxury watch on sale, which is precisely why this deal should be on your radar. Currently, Breitling watches for men and women for UK are on sale.

If you are willing to grab this opportunity, then visit their website and buy a luxury brand watch to give a treat to yourself.


Breitling watches are known worldwide for their accuracy and excellent nature, which is fuelled by the company's innovative spirit. Throughout its existence, Breitling has produced many watches that now hold iconic status.

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