Quality Luxury Watches to Style Men's Wardrobe

Quality Luxury Watches to Style Men's Wardrobe - Watches & Crystals

Many people consider luxury watches to be an aesthetic privilege that gives the essence of perfect time. All watches with elegant features, distinct features, and opulent appearances are designed to last for years.

Watches and Crystals provide Hublot watches for men with a fantastic range of high-end and luxury brands.

The following list Luxury Watches for Men’s Wardrobe will help you find a perfect match for your style

1. Armand Nicolet

armand nicolet

Since 1875, Armand Nicolet, a  luxury watch brand is based in Tramelan, a mountain village in the Bernese Jura has grown from strength to strength, creating beautiful watches that combine cutting-edge technology. If you are an enthusiast, Armand Nicolet is a brand to add to your collection.

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2. Bomberg


Bomberg upends the watchmaking industry by fusing Swiss innovation with a rebellious attitude that inspires people worldwide. Many of the watches feature Mexican features such as skulls in the most decorative dials. This is a mixture that has piqued everyone's interest.

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3. Visconti 


Since 1988, Visconti has contributed to the world of horology with Italian architecture, imagination, and quality craftsmanship. This brand produces the best luxury watches for men that create beautiful timepieces capturing the essence of what it means to be Italian. 

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4. Versus Versace

It's bold and distinct; unconventional and innovative; Strong and long-lasting. Each Versus Versace watch is crafted with a strong emphasis on flair by the Italian fashion powerhouse Versace. Each timepiece is a work of art, with a sporty look that's ready to take on the world. 

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5. Versace


Designs that are iconic and that everybody would like to wear. The Versace range is a must-have, combining Italian elegance with Swiss craftsmanship. The brand produces expensive watches for men, making them stand out among the others.

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6. U-Boat


U-Boat adds an accurate, high-end, and technological edge to each watch in their series, with designs initially intended for the Italian navy.

U-Boat offers an uncompromising approach to the watch industry like no other, with oversized crowns, some of the most challenging fabrics, and the potential to survive some of the harsh climatic conditions.

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7. Tonino Lamborghini 

tonino lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini watches are for you if you are tech-savvy. Leather, stainless steel, and carbon fiber are only a few of the materials used. Tonino Lamborghini is a luxury brand associated with fashion, creativity, and Italian design all over the world.

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8. Calvin Klein

The Swiss Calvin Klein watches offer a wide variety of fashionable watches to men. The watches are powered by a high-end quartz movement.

The best part of the brand is that the watches are available in a pretty affordable price range without compromising their quality features. 

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9. Giorgio Fedon 1919

Giorgio Fedon 1919

Giorgio Fedon 1919 was established in 2000 and is associated with beauty and practicality. A new range of high-end leather products has been launched.

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10. Mazzucato

mazzucato watch

Mazzucato watches live up to the brand's motto, "Never Boring," with a visionary artistic director, maker, and designer at the helm. Through their beautiful, intricate creations, the watchmaker has transformed the face of horology based on genuinely revolutionary ideas. 

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11. Roamer 


Since 1888, the name has been associated with high-quality Swiss watches in classically elegant styles. Roamer's reputation has been built on constant ingenuity, superior fabrics, superb craftsmanship, and detailed Swiss gestures.

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12. Meccaniche Veneziane

meccaniche veneziane

The architecture is Italian, and the manufacturing is Swiss. Every Meccaniche Veneziane timepiece is the product of the passion of Alberto and Alessandro Morelli.

The brothers' company, handcrafted in Basel, Switzerland, has earned a reputation in horology for bespoke Italian architecture, unrivaled Swiss quality, and custom mechanics.

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13. Louis Erard 

Louis erad

Louis Erard has been at the heart of  Swiss watchmaking  for men's designer watches for over 85 years, with the aim of "meeting wishes in an truthful way." The company incorporates high-quality horological creations into each timepiece.

14. Tissot


Swiss timepieces at their finest! Tissot's men's luxury watches are timeless classics. Tissot has been the pinnacle of watchmaking since 1853. 

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15. Korloff Paris


Korloff Paris manufactures men's luxury watches made in Switzerland, stand out from the crowd thanks to their elegant style and presence of diamonds.

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