Premium Collection From Burberry Watches For Men

Premium Collection From Burberry Watches For Men - Watches & Crystals

Burberry watches are classic timepieces with a modern twist. Burberry is famous for its tartan check, which can be found on many of its fashion accessory lines.

Many men's Burberry watches feature this classic check pattern on the wristband. Burberry's most recent designs include a multiple leather strap design in the men's range that is in the theme of what is currently fashionable.

Burberry watches for men have a more practical style. They place a strong emphasis on the classic look and are robust and masculine. Many of these Burberry watches are suitable for diving and other sports-related activities. 

Burberry is a globally recognised fashion house with a history dating back to 1856. They have a large selection of fashionable designer watches. The Classic Horseferry Check and the Burberry The City collection are two of their most popular collections.

Is Burberry a Good Brand To Buy Watches For Men?

Thomas Burberry founded the well-known British luxury brand Burberry in 1856. Initially, the brand only produced casual outdoor wear, but it later shifted to producing only high-end fashionable dresses.

Burberry is now comparable to Louis Vuitton, Prada, and other luxury brands. And the company's fashion products include high-end perfumes, trench coats, shoes, shirts, belts, jewellery, handbags, and a variety of other items.

Specifically, the brand is well-known among fashion enthusiasts for its trench coats and fragrances, and this is where the company finds the most success.

Burberry, in addition to being a luxury brand, aspires to be a responsible one, with the goal of becoming a climate-positive company by 2040. So they not only create products that are popular among both men and women, but they also do so responsibly.

Hence Burberry is an excellent brand to buy watches for men and women.

Are Burberry Watches Made in Switzerland?

With the exception of a few models that were quickly discontinued, the watches produced by the Burberry-Fossil collaborations are entirely Swiss-made.

Burberry watches use the STP movement, or Swiss Technology Production, which is exclusive to Basel, Switzerland.

One advantage of Burberry-branded watches is that it is relatively rare for a so-called "fashion watch" to include Swiss technology (or a quartz movement).

This makes Burberry watches for men an excellent choice for anyone seeking an authentic luxury brand watch while also appreciating cutting-edge watch technology.

Who manufactures Burberry watches for men, and how good are they?

Burberry is not a dedicated watch brand like Tissot, Rado, or IWC, so they collaborated with Fossil's Swiss division to manufacture and distribute their watches. However, it is important to note that while Burberry does not manufacture its watches, they are responsible for its design.

As a result, the answer to your question, "Are Burberry watches of good quality?" is clearly yes. Because when you buy a Burberry watch, you are getting a watch designed by fashion designers and made by a well-known watchmaker.

If you are unfamiliar, Fossil is a well-known American watch brand that has been in the watchmaking business since the late 1980s. And, while they began solely as a watch brand, they now have licence to manufacture several brands such as Michael Kors, Diesel, Skagen, and others.

Top Burberry Watches For Men

1. Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black

Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black BU9351

If you like silver bracelet watches, this stunning bracelet watch is one of the best Burberry watches for men with a silver finish.

And the watch's good looks ensure that it goes with all of your dresses, whether you're on the beach or in a meeting.

Men prefer chronograph watches because they are more visually appealing than traditional watches. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the chronograph function can also be used as a stopwatch.

The hands and hour markings on the watch have a smooth silver finish, making the time easy to read. In addition, the hour markers and watch hands on the dial have a luminescent coating, allowing you to read the time in the dark.

In terms of construction, the 42mm case of the watch is neither too large nor too small, in our opinion. However, the watch weighs 15.84 ounces, making it quite heavy, which is to be expected given that it is made of stainless steel.

The sapphire crystal that protects the watch dial is one of the toughest and most scratch-resistant glasses available.

Furthermore, the watch features Swiss quartz movement, which ensures that the watch keeps accurate time.

Buy Now - Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black BU9351

2. Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black

Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black

This premium Burberry watch for men has a minimalistic and elegant design with a leather strap. While the watch is quite pricey, the looks and compliments you will receive while wearing it make it well worth the money.

The watch's black rotating uni-directional bezel stands out and lends it a masculine appearance. Along with rotating bezels, it has three subdials as well as a chronograph function for timing your activities. It also has a date window at 4 o'clock that helps you keep track of the date as well as the time.

The watch's black dial and silver watch hands make it easy to read in any lighting condition.

Aside from that, you can wear the watch while swimming in a recreational pool because it is water-resistant up to 50 metres. However, because it has a leather strap, we don't recommend exposing it to water on a regular basis because it can damage the leather.

In terms of dimensions, the watch has a 42 mm stainless steel case and a 22mm leather strap for a comfortable fit.

If you want a dress watch with a leather strap for men, this is the best Burberry watch, and its design, build quality, and features like rotating bezels justify its price. Get this one of the best Burberry watches for men and level up your look.

Buy Now - Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black BU9382

3. Burberry Men's Watch The Classic Horseferry

Burberry Men's Watch The Classic Horseferry BU10000

This watch comes with a brown textured dial. The watch has a 40mm case and a leather strap that gives it a luxurious appearance. The dial of the watch also has a light brown colour background with a Swiss Made label, which adds to the allure of the watch.

It also has a Swiss movement, which ensures that the watch does not lose time throughout the day. A dedicated date window is also located at the 3'o clock position of the watch.

It also has stick index markers and watch hands, making it the ideal dress watch for weddings, anniversaries, meetings, and any other occasion where you want to look your best.

Finally, we would say that this is a clean-looking Burberry watch with the great build quality and no unnecessary design that makes it feel cluttered. As a result, if you want a gold watch, this is the best Burberry watch you can buy right now.

Buy Now - Burberry Men's Watch The Classic Horseferry BU10000

4. Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Gunmetal Grey

Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Gunmetal Grey BU9381

While classic-looking watches with silver or leather straps are appealing, they are not for everyone. If you agree with that statement, take a look at this Burberry watch with a Grey gunmetal finish.

This Burberry watch has a 20mm strap and a 38mm stainless steel case with a grey ion-plated coating. Furthermore, the dial of the watch has a chequered grey pattern that perfectly complements the watch's aesthetics.

Because the strap is made of stainless steel, it will not be harmed by water, unlike leather straps. Furthermore, the dial of the watch is protected by synthetic sapphire, which does not scratch as easily as mineral glass found on other watches.

It differs from previous watches in that it has a smaller dial of 38mm as opposed to the 42 mm case found on them. As a result, it would be ideal for men with medium to small wrists. If you prefer watches with a medium-sized dial that are not bulky and are comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, this is the Burberry watch for you.

Buy Now - Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Gunmetal Grey BU9381

Real vs Fake Burberry Watch

Taking the Burberry watch, you purchased online to a jewellery store is one of the simplest ways to determine whether it is genuine or not. However, not everyone has a Burberry outlet near their home, so when you receive the watch, make sure the backside has serial numbers printed on it. But you don't need to worry about a fake Burberry watch if you will buy it from Watches & Crystals.

Every Burberry watch has a unique serial number on the back that can be used to verify the watch's authenticity.

Burberry watches are an excellent choice if you want a fashionable watch that can also function as jewellery. They are attractive, and all Burberry watches are self-designed. That is why you can find Burberry watches with check designs, which are usually found on their expensive bags, trench coats, and other items.

If you’re in the market for a new timepiece, consider investing in a quality Burberry watch. Not only will you look sharp and sophisticated sporting one of these watches, but you can also be sure that it will last for years to come.

We’ve got a great selection of Burberry watches for men. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our selection of discounted Burberry watches for men and take your style up a notch today!

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