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Shop Best Burberry Designer Watches for Men and Women Online Uk - Watches & Crystals

Burberry is a British luxury and elegant fashion house headquartered in London, England. While buying online or in the market, you might have fallen on the watches from Burberry.

Now you might be questioning whether or not Burberry is a good and reputable brand, and are the watches made by them of excellent and high-grade quality? 

Burberry is a well-known British luxury brand established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Initially, the brand only concentrated on making casual outdoor attire, but it later turned to ultimately making high-end fashionable dresses.

Today Burberry is similar to the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, or other extravagant brands. The company has a complete variety of fashion products, including high-end perfumes, belts, shoes, shirts, belts, trench coats, handbags, jewelry, and various other products.

The brand is famous among fashion lovers for its trench coats, perfumes. But, apart from being a rich brand, Burberry also strives to be reliable as it aims to become a climate-positive company by 2040. 

Burberry isn’t a dedicated and committed watch brand like Tissot or Rado, and that’s why they partnered with Fossil’s Swiss unit to produce as well as share their watches. Hence note that Burberry might not be making their watches but is accountable for designing them.

Hence, if you buy a watch made from Burberry, you get a watch produced by fashion designers and driven by a well-known watchmaker.

Have a Look at the Best Designer and Luxury Watches for Men and Women by Burberry-

1. Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black BU9351

If you are a Lover of silver bracelet watches, this smart-look bracelet watch is the most desirable Burberry watch for men with a silver outlook and finish.

And, the simple looks of this watch assure that it goes absolutely with all your attire whether you are out on the beach or in any professional meeting.

 Most men favor chronographs as they are more pleasing than traditional watches. In addition, these chronograph watches possess aesthetic value and can also be used as a stopwatch.

The watch hands and hour markings have a sleek silver finish and glowing coating that enables you to see the time in the darkness. This sophisticated timepiece comes in a 42mm case which is a moderate size. 

In addition, the glass that shields the watch dial is the sapphire crystal, one of the most rigid glasses that are also highly scratch-resistant. Furthermore, this Burberry watch for men features Swiss quartz movement, which ensures that the watch does a decent job of timekeeping.

Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Black BU9351

2. Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Grey BU9362

This unostentatious and sophisticated look timepiece with a leather strap is an added Burberry watch for men. This watch has elegant looks and recognition that you will get while wearing it makes it deserving of the price.

This Burberry watch for men depicts three sub-dials as it also comes with a chronograph function that you can use to present your activities. In addition, it features a date window positioned at the four o'clock position that aids in keeping track of the date and time.

Moreover, the grey dial and silver watch hands give it excellent readability in any light condition.

You can also go for amusement pool swimming wearing the Burberry timepiece as it is water-resistant up to 50m. But do remember this watch comes with a patterned leather strap, so avoid wearing it in water regularly as it can deteriorate the leather.

In addition, this watch comes in a 42 mm stainless steel case and is made up of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. So wear this smart dress watch with a leather strap for men and feel the royal touch.

Burberry Men's Watch Chronograph The City Grey BU9362

3. Burberry Ladies Watch The City Nova BU9022

Ladies, if you are an enthusiast about the beige-colored chequered dial, look at the Burberry Nova watch for women. This watch for women features a novel silver dial, and the watch has its beautiful looks.

Moreover, the watch's strap highlights a check strap pattern and is one of the favorite designs used by Burberry on its handbags and bags. In addition, this Burberry watch for women is water-resistant up to 50m, so occasional sprinkles or rain won’t harm the watch.

So what makes it the most dependable Burberry watch for ladies is the colorful design of the strap as it would applaud your attires, jewels and is a great fit for all occasions.

Burberry Ladies Watch The City Nova BU9022

4. Burberry Ladies Watch The City Steel BU9000

Silver bracelet timepieces or watches are timeless; whether it’s going to a wedding, any office presentation, or any occasion, you can’t go wrong with them. So have a look at the Burberry silver bracelet watch for women. This timepiece for women will give you a jewelry-like look.

In addition, this watch has a gorgeous look silver textured dial with luminous stainless steel hands and stick indexes. A stainless steel body ensures that the watch doesn’t corrode with vulnerability to moisture, guaranteeing its longevity.

This Burberry watch for women comes in a 38mm stainless steel case and has scratch-resistant mineral glass, ensuring that sharp things don’t scratch the watch easily. In addition, this watch is water-resistant to 50 meters. 

Burberry Ladies Watch The City Steel BU9000

5. Burberry Ladies Watch The City Two-Tone BU9006

Most women fancy bracelet watches, but they are not lovers of monotone colors that most watchmakers embrace. And, if you cherish the dual-tone color, then this Burberry watch for women is undoubtedly the perfect timepiece for you.

The Burberry watches for women display elegant looks from their two-tone color, such as rose gold and silver. Along with that, the rose gold stainless steel hands and markings make the watch charming to read.

Also, the blend of the silver case and rose gold bezels with a silver-colored dial presents it as a must-have watch for your luxury collection.

This watch has water resistance up to 50m and has a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. This is one of the smart-looking Burberry watches available for women, and it will also be an excellent gift that you can give to your wife, mother, friend, or sister.

Burberry Ladies Watch The City Two Tone BU9006

6. Burberry Ladies Watch The Classic Horseferry Silver BU10103

Let's have a look at the classic horse ferry collection for ladies by Burberry. This Burberry check pattern on the strap is used only in the premium caps, bags, scarfs, and trench coats of Burberry.

So if you are passionate about designer products, this Burberry watch will win your heart. This Burberry watch for women comes with a stone-colored check fabric strap that ideally blends with the silver case of the Burberry watch. The strap of the watch is produced of check pattern fabric leather and highlights a silver buckle enclosure.

Also, the silver-tone color dial with clear Burberry branding accompanied by a Swiss label ensures anyone who looks at your watch knows that it isn’t any other cheap watch.

Appearances and looks matter a lot when we talk about watches as it features Swiss quartz movement, so don't be tense about the watch's accuracy. In addition, if you are searching for a Burberry watch for women that comes with stylish and designer looks, you would surely love to have this watch on your wrist.

Burberry Ladies Watch The Classic Horseferry Silver BU10103


If you desire a stylish watch that can also be used as a piece of jewelry, go for Burberry watches as they are worthy of it. Moreover, they are charming, and in fact, all the Burberry watches are sketched by themselves. And, hence, for this reason, you can even find Burberry watches with check patterns and designs, usually found on their costly bags, scarfs, trench coats, or other items.

In addition, Burberry watches are Swiss-made watches, so you don’t have to bother about the fine quality of the watch. The brand also grants a 2-year warranty on almost all of its watches. Hence Burberry makes good fashion and trendy watches. If the style is your preference, then go with fashionable Burberry watches; otherwise, many cheap options are available in the market.

Burberry watches are different watches with modification and creativeness at the core of their patterns and designs. While they are on the high side, they deserve every part of their price. So regardless of what you plan to do with the novel watch, you get excellent value from Burberry watches.

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