Shop Top Luxury Watches and Sunglasses on Black Friday Sale for Men and Women

Shop Top Luxury Watches and Sunglasses on Black Friday Sale for Men and Women - Watches & Crystals

Today, life goes quicker than ever. Maintaining track of time is crucial in our fast-paced world—so why not do it in fashion, with one of the world’s best luxury and elegant watches on your wrist? 

Luxury watches are intended never to go out of style. So even though we now have timers on our phones, nothing surpasses the extraordinary beauty of a magnificently crafted timepiece. Suddenly, checking the time becomes a fairly impressive endeavor. 

Grab this Mad and Grand Big Friday Sale on watches and sunglasses at Watches and Crystals. Black Friday sale on men's and women's watches and sunglasses is waiting for you. So hurry up and grab the maximum discount on the different luxury brands. 

Black Friday Sale UK on different luxury brands of watches for men and women-

1. Emporio Armani

Price reductions up to 60% off on stylish fashion watches

Emporio Armani's brand is an excellent result of designer and stylist Giorgio Armani's years of experienced expertise.

Armani watches are best expressed as a statement and elegant watches. These luxury timepieces admire the richness and feature a fabulous deal on getting every feature right.

Emporio Armani watches are Italian-inspired fashion and luxury watches for all moments and occasions. Emporio Armani prides itself on sleek and modern patterns and designs.

In 1975, Giorgio Armani had apparent integrity in mind: exclusivity, quality, and excellence. Armani is all about luxury, but integrity is also a significant pillar of the brand’s way to fashion. 

As a result, Armani timekeepers are, ironically possibly, timeless. The designs are sleek, novel, and, it goes without saying, incredibly fastidious.

Explore our wide range of collections at watches and crystals to maximize discounts and reap the highest benefits.

Our complete range focuses on different collections such as-

  • Luigi Collection
  • Sportivo Collection
  • Valente Collection
  • Chronographs

Explore the different luxury watches by Emporio Armani, add to your cart, and avail the maximum discount of price reductions up to 60% off at the mad and grand deal of Black Friday sale.

2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a worldwide lifestyle brand that embodies daring, advancing models and a charming, often minimal, artistic style. These watches are not distinct.

If you want to make a classy and bold fashion statement, Calvin Klein watches are the perfect way to go. These timepieces have classic designs that will appeal to those who require a crafty and timeless watch.

Beautiful, simple, and classy watches that can generally match you more than you fancy. These Calvin Klein watches suit the nature of every person wearing them. All the watches from the Calvin Klein collection are of outstanding quality and regular in wearing.

Calvin Klein is a reputed luxury brand and is well known for its beautiful designs in the watch industry. 

Check out the elegant and luxury collection of Calvin Klein watches and grab the fantastic black Friday sale of up to 70% off on CK watches for men and women.

Explore our different luxury CK watches and enlarge your cart to reap the maximum discount. Hurry up so that you don't miss the fantastic deals of the Black Friday sale for watches. 

3. Diesel

Offering Modern and Sturdy designs, from traditional watches to statement pieces, Diesel has something for everyone. Diesel is a brand committed to producing elegant and technologically excellent timepieces and is one of the most reputed watch-makers within the industry. 

The brand Diesel is no newcomer when it comes to fashion and style. Initially established in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, Diesel has grown a long way from its roots in Italy and has flown to worldwide popularity thanks to its enormous sense of style in clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories.

Catering mainly to the young demand, Diesel watches are known for oozing personage and creativity with their designs. 

As a fashion brand, the main highlight of Diesel watches is the mixture of aesthetics and trending fashion in the watch patterns and designs. The brand is known for uniting urban culture in its styles, attracting watch buyers to the brand.

Apart from this, Diesel manages to create their trends rather than replace them, pleasing many buyers looking for novel watch designs.

United with the latest technology and modifications, Diesel designs classic and bizarre styles to suit various tastes. There are many watches under the multiple collections, so look at a discounted closer view of what the brand endeavors.

Diesel watches are known for their fashionable design that caters mainly to the younger generation. They are also famous for having in-depth knowledge of urban culture trends.

They have several collections based on the requirements and appreciation of their customer foundation, varying from simplistic and classic to more improved and instinctive. 

Discover our entire collection at 100% authentic and genuine watches and crystals, and get ready to grab the grand black Friday sale on diesel watches up to 40% off. Our entire range of diesel watches includes the following collections in different categories such as-.

  • Little Daddy
  • Big Daddy
  • Mini Daddy
  • Mr. Daddy 2.0
  • Mega Chief

Come and explore different diesel timepieces at your one-step destination at watches and crystals. Add more and more luxury and trendy watches to your cart and avail of the maximum discount today at the Black Friday UK sale. 

4. L & JR 

Stylish, modern, affordable – L&JR watches are made for today’s world. Created to offer a new approach to the Swiss watch industry, the expert team – composed of three founders Phillipe Cros, Jorg Hysek Jr, and Lionel Ladoire – surely know a thing or two about quality.

Producing timepieces for men and women identical, explore your dream designer timepiece today.

The product of bright ideas, long investigation, and deep collaboration, L&JR is an entirely new brand, driven by its founder's experienced wish to take a new way to Swiss watchmaking – an entrance designed for today’s world.

It is a world where watches don’t simply tell time but speak dimensions about their purchasers’ style and character. A fast-paced environment that nonetheless considers long-lasting quality.

With extensive experience in the watch industry, like skills and yielded values, the three founders started producing watches together. The challenge they established was finding the kind spot between quality and value, innovation and authenticity, a love of horology, and a touch of joy.

A character with a strong knowledge of fashion and a sense of experience, active and convinced, today's men and women move effortlessly from one society to another, from business to rest, daytime to night, city to outside. They want a watch that will adjust quickly to all of those situations – able, a chameleon, but never dull.  

Unique and full of personality, L&JR’s watch designs combine a firmly modern spirit with a touch of sophistication. Vital dimensions and a robust case design are balanced by visually arresting dials created on various levels. Well-crafted aspects are provided with a detailed, new twist. Functions are always helpful, never excessive. 

L and Jr watch exhibit enthusiastic watches in a variety of colors. Discover the great deals on the UK's Black Friday sale and grab the maximum discount of up to 64% on your favorite L and Jr watch. And enrich your wardrobe with classy timepieces at the minimum prices you can ever get. 

Up to 70% off plus an extra 30% off on your favorite Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a necessary complement to the attire since they can convert a look instinctively. In addition, a good pair of sunglasses elevates your spirit, enhances your character and fashion.

There are thousands of enthusiastic and fantastic sunglasses styles that you can pick from to entertain any look and moment. However, if you want to advance your style, elegant and classy sunglasses are a must to add on.

The first opinion that you communicate to others is the last one. Sunglasses have now been enhanced as one of the most stylish accessories. On the one hand, Sunglasses shield eyes from the sun and, on the other hand, also provide a chic and fashionable appearance.

If you are an admirer of artist sunglasses or a lover of chic style, the unique sunglasses are perfectly waiting for you. They are easily an amalgam of elegance, high quality, strength, and unique technique, transforming your overall appearance, enriching your lifestyle, and supplementing your wardrobe.

So come, browse and explore the different fashionable sunglasses and reap the maximum discount of up to 70% off plus an extra 30% off.

Build your cart with designer sunglasses you have been waiting for a long time to get at reasonable prices. So here are fantastic brands such as Linda Farrow, Prabal Gurung, Ann Demeulemeester, Raf Simons, Orlebar Brown, Alexanderwang just waiting for you.

Grab the black Friday sale today to get extra benefits on your favorite sunglasses. Enrich your cart and use code EXTRA30 at checkout. Come, explore, and get spoiled with the incredible collection at maximum discounts. 


Watches and Crystals is an authentic and genuine one-stop destination for you looking for maximum benefits and discounts on your favorite luxury brands of sunglasses and watches.

So come and explore the black Friday sale today at watches and crystals to reap the maximum benefits.

Your favorite brands are just by your side at huge discounts. So add more and more luxury watches and fashionable sunglasses to your cart, enrich it, and get the best deals and offers at the Black Friday sale UK at watches and crystals.

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