Discover the top pick from Meccaniche Collection 

Discover the top pick from Meccaniche Collection  - Watches & Crystals

Meccaniche Collection has been one of the preferred watch collections that will help you to enhance your personality.  The Italian design, Swiss Manufacturing is all you need to know about.

The eternal timepieces have been the latest collection of the brand. It is available for men and women and comes in different shapes and colors. 

If you are wondering what makes them a perfect choice for buying, you must be knowing the ezaz xclusive features of it. To begin with, do you know it is purely mechanical.

As the name resonates, it comes without any electrical component. This makes it a perfect fit to go ahead in the market. Other than this, there are so many other components that you should know. 

1) Redentore Edizione Speciale

 Redentore Edizione Speciale

This is one of the finest collections we have with this brand. It is commonly known as the Dress watch and it comes with a number of new exclusive variations. This is one of a limited collection which has been in great demand in the market. 

The dial of the watch comes in different shapes and the color. This is why it is called a Dress Watch too. You can match up with any of the outfits and you are good for an outing. 

Exclusive  redentore edizione speciale  collection can offer you:

If you are looking for a real “Rolex look” but is constrained with the budget, you can think of going ahead with this collection. The extensive collection is worthwhile.

It stands out in the market because of its vibrant look, and blend of different colors. You can get blue, green, red and yellow straps for regular use. The watches come in a strong stainless watch band and are a perfect choice for a tough use too. 

The classic and render look of the collection makes it affordable, durable and comfortable for a regular use. The watches are packed with the unique package and give you a correct value for money. 

As a wrap, we can say that it is a smarter idea to pick one of the quirkiest collections from the brand.

2) Nereidi Edizione Collection

Nereidi Edizione Collection

The watches in the series are equipped with the stainless steel watch case and are a beautiful vintage collection. The leather straps come into vibrant colors. The leather comes from Tuscany and Veneto.

Apart from it, the  Nereide  models are completely water resistant. It comes with the interesting extras. You can have a superluminova, rotating bezel. Screw down crown and various luminous indicators. These are a must have in your luxury watch collection. 

The  Meccaniche Veneziane Nereide Jubilee Series  have some of the additional functionalities that mark them easy to wear. They are totally fitted with a stainless steel strap instead of the leather strap.

This makes them a smart option for the ones who are looking for a new look everyday. These GMT watches come with durable leather bands and can be used for the whole day.

If you are a true enthusiast and a watch lover, admire to own this collection. The second time zone makes it easy for you to get all the required functionalities at one go. 

The nice thing about the watch is its built. It comes in a sporty look and has an extensive choice of different colors and materials. The fine leather status and comfort  gives a luxurious look for the individual. 

The perfect blend of Italian and swiss quality is something you might not want to miss. Each piece is handcrafted with uttermost perfection.

The Italy’s craftsmen take complete responsibility in bringing the desired perfection to every piece they crafted. And for the material, the raw leather is derived and picked up from Tuscany- guaranteeing nothing less than purity and class. 

3) Arsenale  Edizone Specialie

Arsenale  Edizone Specialie

Another in the list is the special collection of Arsenale Edizone Specialie. The straps are exclusively handcrafted in Italy. They are created to keep the environmentally friendly tanning process as a whole.

It is made up of leather which is known to offer an unparalleled look to the watch. The usage is created keeping in mind a peculiar patina with each passing of time.  

The  arsenale edizone specialie  has its great demand in the market, owing to its latest leather straps and different colours it comes in.

The raw materials are often derived from Tuscany and are known to create a secular tradition in the field. The local artisans are providing attention to detail in every manner.  

It can help in giving a perfect fit to your wrist. The business model is based on the timeless design, quality as well as the durability of the materials.

If you are looking forward to owning a piece from the collection where you are looking for a lifetime watch rather than fast-fashion products,  this is a perfect pick for you.

The durability is unmatched and sustainability of Arsenale Edizone Specialie comes with the brand tag. 


There are some particular watch brands that appeal to us. The superior quality, affordable price and special in-built features are a perfect hit for a buyer. You can not miss the first impression of the watch.

The unique combination of the Italian design and Swiss Quality makes it stand out in the market as compared to other brands. If quality means everything to you, go ahead with the purchase of this collection.

You will never regret your decision.  For a person who is constrained to budget, meccaniche  is a perfect fit- luxury and style in budget. 

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